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Mold Technology was founded by a team of specialists in manufacturing high precision tools. From the very beginning the company has focused in manufacturing mould tools and other high complexity tools.

After few years on the market, due to its high quality products, the company managed to become a national leader in blow moulds manufacturing industry and also an important competitor in high precision injection moulds manufacturing field.

Focusing on high quality, while having the shortest delivery time possible, we've quickly managed to become a trusted partner for some major national and international companies.

professional services

Professional services

Design and manufacturing moulds and high precision tools

service and support

Service and Support

Specialized support and consultancy, service and after-sale service

quick delivery

Fast Delivery

Optimized production technology, quick response and fast delivery

PET Blow Mould

Blow moulds design and manufacturing

Each blow moulding tool project starts with the bottle design. At the end of this process the bottle will meet all customer needs and requirements. In addition to specific requirements like bottle mass, bottle volume and bottle shape, several technical aspects must be considered in order to manufacture a reliable blow mould, with a high productivity.

Mold Technology offers professional mould design and manufacturing services. We can manufacture the mould using our own documentation (based on a bottle drawing or a sample) or using documentation provided by the client. We can also provide solutions for modifying or adapting your existing equipment: labeling lines, bottling lines and packaging lines. This is useful when a change in bottle's volume or bottle's design is needed.

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Injection moulds design and manufacturing

Injection moulding industry covers a wide range of plastic products from plastic components used in automotive industries to plastic parts and products used in consumer goods industry. Plastic material type, product shape / mass and correct mould tool design will have a direct impact on production costs and product profitability.

Mold Technology offers a wide range of plastic injection moulding tools and provides professional services like: product design, injection mould design and injection mould manufacturing.

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Plastic injection mould

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